About Us

We are a fun-loving husband and wife team – Kouyou (like “yo-yo” but with a ‘k’) and me, Julia. Kouyou’s 14 years of experience has seen him film and edit over 1000 films and together we just love weddings. It’s a privilege getting to know you in the lead-up and through capturing such an important time in your lives. Kouyou was born and raised in Japan. I am Australian but have spent almost 14 years in Japan. We met while Kouyou was walking his miniature dachshund Kurumi (below) in Tokyo, went on a date, fell in love and the rest is history.


Our honeymoon took us all the way to Iceland which was surreal and amazing but when we are back in our everyday reality we simply enjoy each other’s company and are happily in love. We both believe that there can never be too much love in the world so we hope that we can be part of your big day and help share the love by capturing your special moments in motion film.