Kat + CampbellCannot recommend more highly!!! Julia & Kouyou are the most talented, generous and beautiful people to have on your team! Even through torrential rain they made the most incredible videos for us, that perfectly encapsulates us as a couple and our memories of the day. Everyone who watch the films feels like they are there reliving the moments, and yes, they have even made grown men cry. My husband wasn’t so sure about videography, but now says it was the best decision of our wedding day, and he watches it regularly! Book them now, you won’t regret it!!!


Megan + Ciaran

To say we were impressed with Motion Reel Films is an understatement.
I believe the value of service and effort Julia and Kouyou put into our wedding film is worth every single dollar. They exceeded our expectations and delivered the most amazing keep sake for my husband and i. They really cared about our wedding day as if it was there own and made us feel very special. The quality of their work is next level. They have this ability to take your wedding day and play it back to you like a movie. Amazing quality! From the very beginning they were easy and fun to work with. Julia and Kouyou were there on the day of our rehearsal and helped out with things and planning that wasnt there responsibility but it is because they genuinely cared that they helped make sure allavenues of our special day were perfect and it was! The end product that we received in the mail was over and beyond. These two are quality and that is exactly what is reflected in their work. So lucky to have had Motion Reel Films on our wedding day. 10/10

Trudy Croad, Director of Lovebird Weddings

“Earlier this year, the creative team from Motion Reel Films came to the Lovebird Weddings studio to introduce their services…I was not expecting what happened next…. Now to put this into perspective, I have personally planned and styled more than 500 weddings…I come across many wedding suppliers…and it takes absolutely amazing to really wow me…so this is what happened…within a few minutes of playing their wedding film, I was in tears…the romance, the emotion, and the little moments that make a wedding day unique and special were so beautifully captured, so carefully edited, and so perfectly understood by the cameraman, that I was overwhelmed and giddy with emotion. I felt like I had witnessed intimate details that I would not normally be privy to. I saw the way her fingers entwined in his, the way only he could make her laugh that way, the way she held his stare that little bit longer before she kissed him. It was amazing and heart-wrenching to witness love captured so brilliantly. I was hooked! Completely! I very quickly employed the Motion Reel Films team to be part of our upcoming photo shoot, and wow, what an incredible film they delivered. I have since had them capture two of my most premium end client weddings, and yesterday, I received one of those films. I cried again…it is the most spectacular wedding film we have ever received…it absolutely captured every detail and more than I could have ever hoped for…I cried for both the emotion that was so beautifully edited, but also for the amount of love that can only go into making films like this. You see, capturing a wedding day on film, is more than just banking the moments, its about understanding the underlying feeling, seeing the relationship dynamics, and being able to capture what others don’t see. That takes a very special talent. Kouyou is quiet in his film making approach, but he understands something about love, for he sees love in the little details. It truly is a gift. Now I would love to keep the Motion Reel Films team as a Lovebird Weddings secret weapon, but this would be a shame, as every bride should have the opportunity of knowing this husband and wife team. With Julia as the organiser and perfect planner to ensure no details are missed, and Kouyou as the creative genius behind the lens and also the master editor…seriously, this company is the best wedding film creative team I have had the pleasure of recommending. Superb in every way. Thank you Julia & Kouyou. I’m so glad you popped in that day. x Trudy, Ashley, Sarah, Karima & Ryan of Lovebird Weddings.”

Sarah + Jordan

Can’t even begin to explain how in love we are with our video..and we’ve only seen the highlights. Julia and Kouyou are the loveliest people and make you feel so relaxed on the day. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”                                                                                                      

Watch Sarah + Jordan’s Short Story Highlights Film

Mona + Aaron

We love both the work ethics and the creativity of Julia & Kouyou. They went out of their way to understand us and to develop a unique story about us. We truly enjoyed working with them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional and creative videographers.”                                                                                                      

Watch Mona + Aaron’s Short Story Highlights Film

Emily & Matthew

Julia and Kouyou are without doubt the two loveliest, friendliest and professional people you will meet. The video they have created for my wedding is nothing less than breathtaking. From the first initial e-mail, to the personal meetings, to the actual day you can see the care and commitment they put into everything and the result quite clearly shows their obvious talent. I could not recommend Motion Reel Films enough to any bride or groom who are looking for a videographer. The proof is in their result, but the lead up to the wedding and the actual day is just as commendable. Thank you to the both of you SO much, we can’t thank you enough for the amazing video we have and will treasure for the rest of our lives.”                                                                                                      

Watch Emily + Matthew’s Short Story Highlights Film

Alvin + Bianca

Kouyou & Julia, what can I say 🙂 you two are a rare example of generosity, & imagination all rolled up in the most awesome, creative couple Bianca & I have met. Thank you for the sincerest dedication to our Special Day, & for supporting our Surprise Wedding idea from the very first emails we’ve had volley between us, to the willingness to be a part of all meetings and visits with our team & at the Venue. You two have been so lovely & I can only say it was fate that brought us all together – how else can you explain us meeting randomly at Costco! That fright I had was my brain trying to process the mathematics of that ever happening, hahaha. Even though Bianca & I haven’t seen our film yet, I know it’s going to be a magical & emotive piece of art – I just couldn’t wait to Thank you guys for everything; even staying back till the moments of sunset to capture everything the light would let us have… Hehe, we saw you guys take the alternate exit when our Venue closed, so thanks for that too! Because I don’t know how we would’ve left as well, hahaha… You guys are fantastic! A wonderful couple, and a friendly bunch of professionals, lotsa love! – Alvin & Bianca (AyBi)”                                                                           

Watch Alvin + Bianca’s Short Story Highlights Film

Motion Reel Films Main Image

Tiffany & Sascha

“We just got our highlights film back and couldn’t be happier. A huge thank you to Julia and Kouyou for their fantastic efforts in capturing our day perfectly. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVED!!! our wedding film. My partner wasn’t initially keen on the videographer idea but he is thrilled with it and glad I twisted his arm on this one. Truly one of the best things we did and I wouldn’t heistate recommending Motion Reel Films. The best videographers to work with and so talented. They go above and beyond most. Love your work guys xoxo”

Watch Tiffany + Sascha’s Short Story Highlights Film

Prue & Jason

A huge thank you to Julia and Kouyou from Motion Reel Films for their beautiful videography. Not only is our video amazing; with incredible attention to detail and professional quality, from our first coffee to the last email they have consistently gone above and beyond to understand us as a couple and our wedding, which meant the video came out perfect. Julia and Kouyou contacted all the professionals and venues involved (without us asking) to ensure everything went off smoothly; and the day and this finished product is testament to their tenacious work. On a side note, we loved having such a lovely, professional and skilled couple to keep us on track and just enjoy the day with. Thanks again guys, we adore our video. Jason and Prue xx

Watch Prue + Jason’s Short Story Highlights Film

and….Watch the Bonus Clip of Prue + Jason’s Special Day

Alida & Stephen

“Julia and Kouyou are fantastic. They met us before our wedding and personally delivered our films to us and sat with us to watch and double check we were happy with the end result. They managed to keep a secret surprise from me that my husband had organised – well done!
They managed to capture those important moments for us that we would not have seen on the day and especially having our children throughout the film and our silliness made it more meaningful, when we sat down with my parents to watch my father asked to see it again. Our highlights have been seen in Italy (my family), USA and UK (Stephens family and friends) with everyone loving it. Julia & Kouyou you did a outstanding job and you have a lifetime friendship with us. Thank you again so much.”

Alida & Stephen 1
Watch Alida + Stephen’s Feature Highlights Film


Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA)

The stars of Motion Reel Films, Julia and Kouyou were one of the most industrious videographers we have collaborated with. The ABIA team were astounded by the professionalism, product quality and the quick turnaround in receiving our film.
Motion Reel Films surpassed each expectation, their team are a true reflection of ‘going above and beyond’. Based on the service prior to the event, during the event and subsequent to the event, ABIA would recommend this business to any bridal client. Thank you for your exceptional talents and organisational skills.”

DoD Sponsor 2016
Watch the Official Highlights Film from the 2016 ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards


Kristie & Shane

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to Julia and Kouyou from Motion Reel Films for the time and effort they put into the videography they put together for our wedding. This couple has amazing work. They are the most friendly couple and the work they produce is absolutely stunning. They are purely focused on getting those special moments. Most of the time you don’t even realise you are being filmed. The finished product is shown to you at two weeks!!! That’s super fast!! My husband and I keep watching our video over and over again!! We are in love with it!!! Definitely a 10/10 for service, 10/10 for quality, 10/10 for quick delivery!”

Watch Kristie + Shane’s Short Highlights Film


Pania & Erik

“Motion Reel Films (Kouyou and Julia) made a video that was more than a memory. Due to the fact that my partner and I are from different countries, and live in another one separate from those, it made it difficult for friends and family from ‘back home’ to join. This video for them was a window into the day of our wedding, and gave a warm and honest account of the whole afternoon. It was a chance for people all over the globe to join us, to cry and laugh together with us.
During the day we were so mad busy (who isn’t, I guess), and I was so grateful that we didn’t need to pause, to pose, to think about where we were standing or what we were doing for the camera…we were free to go about our crazy preparations and focus on experiencing the wedding itself. Also, as we had a ‘No Cameras & Mobile Phone Free’ event, it was quite amazing that they were completely unnoticeable during the event itself. Finally, afterwards, talking with us about the music we wanted, and then with a turnaround only a few days…we really couldn’t have asked for more. 
Professionalism, friendliness, speed, and well…just look at the video! It is a wonderful finished product that really reflected our special day, as well as our unique personalities. I couldn’t recommend them more.”