Our Filming Style

Our filming style is to blend in as much as we can and make sure we capture the special moments of your day as they happen. During the location shoot we might give you a bit of direction here and there but we always keep in mind your personalities, what is special to you and see what the vibe is like on the day. There will be lots of moments that we film – some you will remember and some will be moments and emotions that you would otherwise miss.

Kouyou, is our main filmmaker and editor here at Motion Reel Films, and is the man behind the creativity in our films. He has been a professional freelance film editor in Japan since 2005 and has produced over 1000 wedding films. I (Julia) operate second camera, monitor audio recording, fly our Mavic Pro drone, interpret between English/Japanese for Kouyou when needed and am always on-hand to make sure that filming on the day goes smoothly.

When you watch the films we want you to be taken back to your special day and feel like you are there again. When you show the film to someone, we want them to feel like they are part of the celebration.

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