Why Motion Films?

If you don’t get your wedding filmed and capture all the wonderful and special moments of the day, it is something you are likely to regret and there are no retakes on this one.

You’ll remember it for a while but we just know you will wish you had gotten a film – we had two weddings ourselves, one in Japan and one in Australia. We ended up getting photography for one and film for the other – they’re both amazing and we would have regretted not getting both of them.

It’s not just about banking the moments either, anyone can do that. It’s about being able to perceive expressions of love and capture them in a way that nobody else can. This is what we do best and would love to do for you.

Most couples will have some kind of a photographer at their wedding – still photographs are a wonderful way to capture precious moments individually – we too had an amazing wedding photographer Mr. Dan O’Day at our own wedding and we love our photos  (this is one of our favourites below >)

However, motion film is what captures these moments and the actual atmosphere in continuous moving images. Love, laughter, a sparkle in your eye, a kiss, a meaningful look, an embrace, a dance, the wind in your hair, a drop of rain, the sun shining – motion film captures these moments in a way that nothing else can.


You can experience moments that you missed as even the couple cannot be everywhere at once. You, your family and friends – including people who weren’t able to make it to the wedding – will be able to feel the emotions and atmosphere of the day again as though you were standing right there.

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